Hi, hallo, hola, bonjour! I am super happy to welcome you and share a bit about myself.
I am Malika, an illustrator and pattern designer based in the Netherlands. I am Dutch with mixed heritage: Dutch and Moroccan. The latter probably explains my preference for warm climates and palm trees. I've been fortunate enough to have lived abroad (in those warmer spots) for a number of years, but I always intended to return to the Netherlands. In 2021 I settled down with my three year old and husband in Leiderdorp, a town in the west of the Netherlands near the coast.
The abundant variety of the natural world and its beauty and complexity is my no 1 inspiration. My love for nature and animals is fed by travel experiences, scuba diving, hiking and camping in the mountains. Interesting colour combinations and compositions in everyday life also inspire me.
I create artwork for fabric, stationery, wrapping paper, wallpaper and home goods. Playing with colour, dreaming up new designs and building patterns is my favourite thing to do in the world. 
When I am not working I am probably hanging out with my family at home or somewhere in the Dutch "polders", either by foot, on a bike or in a kayak.
Let's be friends on instagram @malikabuttinger
Make it in Design blog (Blue Print competition 2022)
Motiflow Trendmagazine (in Dutch) (2021)
Make it in Design blog (Summer School 2021)
Uppercase All About You Newsletter 16 Oct 2021
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